Conditions Treated

Conditions* for which MLD therapy is helpful include:

  • It is an effective component in the treatment and management of Primary and Secondary Lymphoedema (stages, I, II, III)
  • Post-traumatic Oedema (Hematomas, Dislocation of the shoulder, Torn muscle fibres, Sudeck’s Distrophy).
  • Post-operative Oedema (Plastic or Venous surgery)
  • It promotes the healing of Wounds and Burns.
  • It may be helpful in treating conditions of the Nervous System with local Oedema i.e. (Migrane, Parkinsons Disease, MS, Tinnitus etc..
  • It improves the appearance and texture of Scars, even established/aged Scars..
  • It is successfully being used to help heal Leg Ulcers.
  • It assists in conditions arising from Venous Insufficiency.
  • It accelerates and enhances the healing process of Broken bones, Torn ligaments and Sprains.
  • Chronic inflammatory conditions such as Sinusitis, Arthritis, Acne and Acne Rosacea¬† and conditions associated with Stroke can be improved with the application of MLD.
  • Many female related conditions such as PMT and pregnancy related swellings respond well to MLD.
  • Lipoedema/Cellulite.
  • It has a calming effect on the autonomic nervous system that leaves you deeply relaxed. It can help improve the quality of sleep, relieve constipation and generally aid digestion.

* Conditions that may be treated are extracted from: Compendium of Dr Vodder’s Manual Lymph Drainage 1998.