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This page is aimed at practitioners, health-care professionals and lymphoedema patients. The following sites may be of interest to those seeking information on Lymphatic disorders, lymphoedema related products and on lymphoedema support. Feel free to click on any of the below headings:

British Lymphology Societyan organisation that works to coordinate a strategy for improving the management of chronic oedema particularly lymphoedema.

Lymphatic Research FoundationThe Lymphatic Research Foundation is a non-profit organisation whose mission is to advance research of the lymphatic system and to find the cause of and cure for lymphatic diseases, lymphedema, and related disorders. Tel: +44 516 625-9675

LymphnetzwerkOn this site you will find information which may help patients suffering from lymphoedema, lipoedema or other diseases of the lymphatic system . Lymphoedema-Forum with access to many Physicians from Clinics (Földi, Feldberg, Lympho Opt, Baumrain, Pieper and others). This forum is in many languages including German, English, French, Italian and other.

Lymphoedema Clinicresidential stay, all inclusive packages in Austria.

Lymphoedema website for childrenThis website was set up by St Giles Hospice, UK. There are currently no websites of this kind in Ireland yet.

Lymphoedema website for teenagersThis website was set up by Leeds Lymphoedema Service, UK. There are currently no website of this kind in Ireland yet.

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