How can I be sure the therapist is properly qualified?

The specialist to see for lymphedema treatment is a well-trained lymphedema therapist. In many parts of the world (including Ireland.) there are no mandated training standards for lymphedema therapists. Since this lack of standardized qualifications and training  can seriously affect the outcome of your treatment. A group of  internationally recognized schools (NALEA ) agreed on  a set of  standards recognized as “best practice” . MLD Ireland endorses those standards . Since 2000 we are  keeping a Register of Therapists, which is used by Health Insurance Companies, Irish Cancer Society and HSE. Our members are qualified with internationally recognised training schools as lymphoedema practioners ( associated members) , lymphoedema specialist practitioners (full members) or lymphoedema advanced practitioner and specially trained teacher for Lymphoedema management  Please access our register of Therapist