Lymphoedema Ireland Open Day 2013


Providing information and support for people with Lymphoedema



Open Day 19th October 2013

Lymphoedema Ireland Open Day Saturday, 19th October

Education Centre, St Luke’s Hospital, Rathgar, Dublin 6.


Agenda for Open Day


Registration and Coffee                                           10.00-10.30


Nina Murray, Chairperson

Aims and objectives of Lymphoedema Ireland        10.30-11.30

& Anne Glynn, Shares her personal experience

of Lymphoedema



Bernadette Donnellan                                              11.30-12.30

Senior Social Worker, St Luke’s Hospital



Walk and stretch                                                      12.30-12.45



Prof Sean Tierney

Vascular Surgery, Tallaght Hospital                        12.45-1.45


Closing with Lunch                                                2.00pm.


Refreshments and lunch will be provided on the day. To get some indication for catering, it would be most useful if you could let us know if you think you will make it to the open day.  Email us on or text on 087 693 4964


4 Responses to “Lymphoedema Ireland Open Day 2013”

  1. Noreen O Connor

    Spoke briefly about a week ago .Currently in Belgium post op ,having had microsurgery by Dr. Guido Giacalone in St.Dympnas Hospital in Geel Belgium.Early days yet but if you are interested I will glad to share the experience with anybody interested. I did not come looking for magic just relief from very debilating right leg. Regards Noreen.

    • john.hynes

      Dear Noreen, It would be wonderful to share your journey and experience with you. I have emailed you seperatly. Blessings and light, MLD Ireland x

    • Mel

      Hiya Noreen – I live in the UK and am thinking of going to Dr Guido Giacolone too. I have secondary lymphoedema in my hand and arm following cancer surgery last year.
      I would really love you to share your experiences with me if you would be so kind!
      May thanks, Mel

    • Marie

      Hi, I just wrote to this doctor in Belgium. I am in Canada and have secondary lymphedema following breast cancer in 2010. I have lymphedema in my hand, arm and truncal area. my biggest problem is in my back as lymphatic fluids builds up from my upper back to my lower back. It is very difficult to treat that area as there are no ready made compression garment.

      I would love to know how you are now feeling post surgery. Has this operation helped you at all?
      Thank you for your response.